Freight FAQs

This section answers questions we are often asked about our services.  The responses are based on our extensive industry experience and we hope that these answers provide you more clarity.

  • What would you advise a first-time shipper?

Discuss your requirements with Cubic.  We make things as easy as we can for our customers, but if there are any areas you are unclear or have concerns about let us know.

  • Can you guarantee transit times?

Not usually.  We will be able to give you a reasonably accurate guideline, but transport can be subject to disruption caused by weather, traffic congestion, or other factors outside of our control.

  • Do you handle only domestic shipments?

Yes, New Zealand domestic freight only at this stage, but we can work with other international forwarder partners if you want a solution for both domestic and international freight.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

For one-off consignments we accept bank transfers or credit card payments (subject to a 2.5% surcharge).  For regular clients who hold an account with us we prefer payments via internet banking.

  • How can Cubic help me reduce costs?

We will discuss your specific needs and we will offer the most cost effective options that meet your needs.  Often a container by sea will cost less than half a container load by road for example, or over a short haul route rail may be the best option.  We consider all transport modes for our customers, and recommend accordingly.

  • Can I track my freight online?

Not yet, but this facility is part of the next phase of our systems development, and customers will soon be able to track individual consignments and produce their own status reports for consignments in transit.

  • Can you advise on the packaging?
Yes, let us know what type of goods you are moving and what packaging you usually use, and we will advise you if we think you could improve things.
  • What items cannot be sent through Cubic?
Cubic can handle most types of NZ domestic freight including temperature-controlled and hazardous, but we do not generally carry LCL freight or parcels.
  • Do you move LCL freight like parcels and small consignments?

Not usually, except by special arrangement.