New Zealand transport technology solutions provider EROAD has expanded its product suite with the launch of Max Speed Alert, in the interests of supporting health and safety compliance.

EROAD New Zealand general manager Tony Warwood says Max Speed Alert provides notifications of excessive speeding, so transport operators can take swift action to protect their drivers, the public and their businesses.

“Max Speed Alert provides timely, accurate information that lets fleet managers act quickly,” he says.

“Fleet managers can then hold discussions about speed exceptions, encouraging drivers to stay under the limit, helping prevent collisions, rol
lovers and unsafe driving behaviour.”

Via Max Speed Alert, EROAD customers can set specific speeds to trigger an alert for different assets — notifications can be set to allow higher or lower maximum limits on different vehicle types. The triggered E-mail noti
fications on excessive speed events include location, date, vehicle and driver details.

In addition to Max Speed Alert notifications, excessive speed events are noted on Over Speed Dashboard in Driver Insight reports.